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Rx Item-Active Fe 30 Tab by Allegis Pharma USA
Rx Item-Active FE 30 Tab by Allegis Pharma USA, Item No. RX523163, 523163, NDC No.: 28595-0433-30, 28595-433-30, 2859543330, 28595043330, 0433-30, 043330 UPC No. 3-28595-43330-1, 328595-433301, 328595433301, Category:RX, Brand Drug Classification: Vitqmin B Complex Plus Iron Drug Class: Drug Class: 20040400 Iron Preparations88280000 Multivitamin Preparations88080000 Vitamin B Complex XBrand/generic: BRAND Other Names: Iron, Carbonyl-Folic Acid-Mv-Mn, Active FE, Folic Acid-IRON CAROBONYL
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Rx Item-Bonjesta 20/20MG E 60 Tab by Duchesnay USA
Rx Item-Bonjesta 20/20MG E 60 Tab by Duchesnay USA, Item No. RX730770, 730770, NDC No.: 55494-0120-60, 55494-120-60, 5549412060, 55494012060, 0120-60, 012060 UPC No. 3-55494-12060-5, 355494-120605, 355494120605, Category:RX, Brand Drug Classification: Central Nervous System Agents-Antiemetic/Antivertigo-Miscellaneous Antiemetics Drug Class: Drug Class: 56220800 Antihistamines (Gi Drugs)88080000 Vitamin B Complex X48040400 First Generation Antihist. (Re Brand/generic: Other Names: Doxylamine Succinate-Vit B6 Pyridoxine, Bonjesta, Doxylamine Succinate-Vit B6 Pyridoxine